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A Look At The Benefits Of Biometric Identification

In the era that we are living in, biometric authentication and verification is integral to the modern technology landscape, and it is widespread in more ways its users can fully understand. A lot of people use biometric verification in their everyday lives in some capacity, for instance at the airport to get whisked through long security lines, at the doctor’s office to ensure confidentiality of the medical records, or simply for unlocking your phones to respond to a notification. The following are some of the advantages of biometric identification.

The first benefit is high security and assurance. Biometrics provide higher levels of assurance to providers that a person is providing a verification of a tangible, real-world trait as both something the user has as well as something the user is. A lot of people’s passwords, PINs as well as personal identifying information are likely to be compromised with a data breach, something that means that billions of accounts can be accessed by fraudsters who keep the answers to traditional authentication methods.

With biometric identification a road-block is added for fraudsters that only real, authorized users can circumnavigate – even though a fraudster may know a person uses their city’s name and some lucky numbers for most of their online accounts, they cannot use their fingerprint to unlock an account if they are not able to provide it on the spot. Moreover, biometrics can only be provided by living and breathing people. At this moment in time, a robot would have a hard time passing an iris scan. Even though the internal processes for biometric authentication are technical, from the point of view of a user, it is incredibly easy and quick.

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