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Applications of Fido2 Authentication

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With FIDO2, data can now be protected without fear ofa breach. FIDO2 has enabled organizations to evade critical risks of a databreach emerging due to weak or mismanagement of passwords. FIDO2 has benefited organizations in many ways. For example, it has resulted in low costs associated with device provisioning, password reset, customer support and also providing a seamless user experience. FIDO2 has several applications in different fields. Below are some ofthe applications of FIDO2 in different field areas. 

The first application of FIDO2 authentication is in healthcare and insurance. In this field, FIDO2 authentication has helped keeppatients' details including medical records, personal information, and other sensitive data online access to the faculty and not any unauthorized parties. This way patients are assured of confidentiality and safety of their data.FIDO2 protects the medical systems and healthcare units from cyber attacks. 

The second application of FIDO2 authenticationis in enterprise organizations. FIDO2 simplifies the authentication processwhile providing high-level security. FIDO2 has made authentication less hectic without using passwords. It has enabled users to conduct secure transactions while maintaining a protective security layer around digital signatures. Through the use of biometrics, FIDO is also efficient and user-friendly. FIDO2 supports step-up authentication allowing the use of strong single factor(passwordless), two-factor, and multi-factor authentication for additional protection making it a very secure means of protecting key confidential data. 

Lastly, another application of FIDO2 is financialservices and the government. Financial institutions have over the years fallenvictim to breaches and hackers. FIDO2 has been of great benefit to the sector as now a secure means of data security has been created providing safer authentication. With online and mobile banking in place, FIDO2 authentication has become necessary. Government agencies on the other hand use FIDO2 to provide secure authentication when it comes to the usage of public amenities. 

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