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Benefits of a Biometric Multifactor Authentication Solution

 You shouldconsider investing in a biometric multifactor authentication solution if youare looking to upgrade the security of your business. Multi-factor authentication(MFA) is simply the verification of a user’s identity with multiple credentialsfor enhanced security. It is a popular way to neutralize risks that are associatedwith passwords by adding a second, different factor to password-based login.  

Eventhough a multifactor authentication solution does not have to include a password, it mustinclude at least 2 pieces of evidence that a person is who they say they are.Likewise, these factors must come from at least 2 of the following three categoriesof accepted credentials, namely knowledge, possession and inherence. Knowledge refers to something the user knows,such as a password or the answer to a secret question. A possession is somethingthat the user has, such as a laptop or mobile phone, identified using digitalcertificates. Inherence refers to something the user is, such as biometrics. Thecommonly used biometrics are voice, face, and behavioral patterns like a user’s keystroke. 

Biometricsshould be part of your multi-factor authentication strategy for it to beeffective. One of the reasons to include biometrics is that it will help reducefriction in the user experience. Most approaches to multifactor authenticationadd time and effort to login, something that makes an already hard process evenmore frustrating.  

Facerecognition with passive liveness detection provides accuracy that is near-perfectand virtually no friction. Users can simply take a quick selfie, and it oftenhappens automatically and so fast that it is imperceptible. Voice biometrics likewiseenable hands-free, low-effort authentication that can be easily combined withvoice in order to further enhance security or simply provide users a choicebased on their environment. 

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