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How To Choose An Identity As A Service Provider

Nowadays, enterprises that are looking for more robust identity and access management platforms are turning to the cloud and embracing the flexibility of identity as a service (IDaaS). In order to choose the right off-premise solution for identity and access management, business management as well as IT professionals need to evaluate functionality, security as well as adaptability prior to implementation. The following are some of the questions you should ask an identity as a service provider when selecting a reliable IDaaS system to support diverse access requirements.

One of the things you need to know is if the IDaaS system works with all applications. A lot of enterprise-level organizations usually take a hybrid approach to business applications, whereby they host some on premise and others in the cloud. Reconciling identity and access management across these applications can be quite challenging, especially when legacy solutions are involved or users need seamless access from a wide range of devices.

Organizations that use applications that are built on numerous platforms, such as a mix of Windows and Linux software, face further difficulties. No matter where the applications are hosted or accessed, a strong identity as a service solution should be able to simplify integration between systems and applications to create a unified user experience.

When choosing an identity as a service provider, you also need to find out how are identities managed and verified. With so many industries now requiring detailed access and security policies, IDaaS solutions should be able to offer tools for managing identities in varied use cases. The Access requirements within companies are also likely to change as new devices, applications as well as users are added, or third-party partnerships are formed. Every user must be able to access necessary resources without necessarily having to sign into each application separately.

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